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Healing Power of Nature

Vis Medicatrix Naturae: The Healing Power of Nature, Body edition.

  Healing Power of Nature is a central tenet of Naturopathic Medicine. It calls on the practitioner to respect the natural intelligence that helps the body maintain balanced function, heal and renew unhealthy tissues, and restore health. The discussion of this principle is centered around the VIS, a vital force that guides and regulates the

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Principles #3: Doshas around us

The doshas in the body represent sum of various physiological activities and physical structures. Physical doshas contribute to the overall functions of the body and brain. The doshas of the body execute and make possible every single expression of life. Therefore, when they are disturbed, imbalanced, or unregulated, they result in experience of discomfort and

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Principles #2: Ayurvedic Doshas

Click on audio file blow to access the podcast of this article:   The elements that make up the universe are the same that combine to form the 3 Ayurvedic doshas that govern the structure and function of the body… Air and Space combines to make Vata Fire and Water combine to make Pitta Water

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Principles #1: Ayurvedic Elements

Click on the audio file to listen to Podcast feed of this Article: According to the Ayurvedic theory, we are part and product of the Universe. Therefore, we are made of the same stuff that makes up the universe… This is may not be a surprise anyone. However, understanding Ayurvedic physiology requires and extra dose

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Panchakarma: Individualized Transformation

Detoxification and Rejuvenation. Ayurveda, the science of life, is an Indian traditional medicine. It follows the core principle natural medicine: “when balance is restored, health and wellbeing is inherent.” For this, Ayurveda offers vast spectrum of dietary, lifestyle, herbal and body therapies. Among these, Panchakarma is the foremost detoxification protocol offered by Ayurvedic Medicine. As

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Universe and The Science of Qi

Breath, Mindfulness, and the Practice of Qi Gong Dr. Anuprao Mulakaluri, ND, AWC This literary work is initiated with deep gratitude for all of the elders, teachers, and ancestors who have carried the wisdom of nature through the many generations, so it may uplift and empower all present and future generations. Obeisance to Great Spirit,

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Why Gratitude Deserves a Special Day

Gratitude moves our mind’s attention towards the positive and beneficial things in our lives… Things that support us, keep us going and growing, giving us strength, courage, access to resources, and more. Expression of gratitude can be used as a mindfulness practice to entrain our mind to turn towards what is working.

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Fasting by Your Dosha Type

During the initial hours after eating, energy is primarily being made from the carbohydrate and protein sources in our diet. As these sources run low, the body switches to ketogenic (fat-based) energy production. Thus, intermittent fasting helps to with improving fatty metabolism for energy production.

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Ayurvedic Fall Rejuvenation

Through the summer there is an increase in qualities of heat, dryness, lightness, movement, change, expansion etc. in our body system. These qualities tend to cause an aggravation of the Pitta (fire+water) and Vata (air+space) towards the end of summer. Often by the end of summer, we are a bit more exhausted, ready to slow down, and wanting a restorative routine and rhythm to return our life.

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